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The best time to send a linkedIn message

The best time to send a linkedIn message



Welcome to the fascinating world of LinkedIn prospecting, where timing is king and automation is your faithful knight. In this ever-changing digital world, understanding and mastering the subtleties of timing can turn your prospecting messages into precision-aimed arrows. But that’s not all! Intelligent automation and strategic management of multiple accounts can take your prospecting strategy to new heights. Get ready to delve into the secrets of perfect timing, the art of automation and the power of segmentation with

The timing of prospecting messages on Linkedin

Ah, the timing! This crucial element is so often overlooked in LinkedIn prospecting strategies. Understanding the impact of timing on the visibility and effectiveness of your messages can make the difference between a prospect taking the bait and one escaping.

The impact of timing:

Imagine, you send a perfectly crafted message, but at a time when your recipient is swamped with work or offline. The result? Your message is lost in the abyss of its inbox. This is where the importance of automatic relaunches comes into play. They ensure that your message resurfaces at the right time, increasing your chances of getting a response.

Factors influencing business timing :

  1. Time zones :
    • It’s elementary, but essential. Tailoring messages to recipients’ geographical areas means you reach them when they’re most likely to be active and receptive.
  2. Working hours :
    • Send a message during your recipient’s off-peak hours? Bad idea. There’s an art to identifying the best times to fit in with your professional rhythm. The early and late hours of the day are often the most effective.
  3. Days of the week :
    • Engagement trends on LinkedIn vary from day to day. Generally speaking, the middle of the week is the ideal time to reach your contacts, while weekends should be avoided.
  4. Personal models :
    • Every user has his or her own online habits. Observing these patterns and tailoring the timing of your messages to them can greatly increase their effectiveness. So it’s essential to know your targets and their habits.

Now that we’ve broken down the importance of timing in prospecting messages on LinkedIn, it’s time to dive into good timing practices. After all, knowing the best time to press “send” is like having the secret key to success on LinkedIn.

PS: The content of your prospecting messages is also a determining factor, but that’s another story.

Best practices for the timing of LinkedIn prospecting messages

In the arena of LinkedIn prospecting, timing is everything. But how do you turn this difficulty into an ally? Here are a few tried-and-tested practices for optimizing the impact of your messages.

Test and analysis :

  • The key is experimentation. Test different timings for your messages and carefully monitor response rates. This approach allows you to adjust your strategy based on actual data, rather than assumptions.

Morning dispatch:

  • The early hours of the day are often synonymous with a fresh mind and a less cluttered inbox. Contacting professionals early in the day can therefore increase your chances of getting a prompt, attentive response.

Midweek :

  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are generally the days when engagement on LinkedIn reaches its peak. Plan your important messages for these days to maximize their visibility.

Do not send at weekends:

  • Weekends are often periods of disconnection. Messages sent during these days risk being lost in the stream of messages received during the break. EXCEPT! when your target group works on Saturdays, as is the case for bank advisors, craftsmen or, more generally, traditional retailers.

Personalization and relevance :

  • Adapting the content of your messages to your recipient is crucial.
    For example:
    • For blue-collar workers, we recommend mid-morning or lunchtime delivery. Avoid the first few busy hours and the end of the day.
    • For executives, aim for early morning or late afternoon, when they’re less likely to be in meetings. Avoid lunch hours, which are often reserved for breaks or business meetings.

Now that you’ve grasped the importance of timing, don’t forget that the content of your message is just as crucial. A message sent at the perfect time but badly written won’t get you very far. To hone your prospecting message writing skills and really captivate your audience, I invite you to discover the “10 golden rules of prospecting message writing” on MirrorProfiles. With these tips in your pocket, you’ll be armed not only to choose the right moment, but also to write messages that resonate and convince.

Automated campaigns

In the hectic world of LinkedIn prospecting, automation is your best ally for maintaining a constant and effective presence. Here’s how you can take advantage of automated campaigns to maximize your impact.

Sending messages automatically :

Automated messages let you stay active on LinkedIn without spending all your time on it. You can prepare a series of personalized messages and schedule them to be sent automatically, ensuring regular communication with your prospects.

  • Waalaxy(discover the tutorial here) is a tool that revolutionizes campaign management on LinkedIn. It lets you choose when to send your messages, allowing you to target your prospects at the most opportune moment. This feature is essential for optimizing the effectiveness of your messages, aligning them with the timing best practices discussed above.
  • If you have a crush on cross-channel automation, i.e. Linkedin AND Emailing, go for Lemlist. Here’s a complete tutorial on how to use Lemlist with MirrroProfiles.

Have multiple LinkedIn accounts with MirrorProfiles :

When it comes to targeting different segments of your LinkedIn audience, using multiple accounts can be an extremely effective strategy. However, managing multiple LinkedIn profiles can be complex. That’s where MirrorProfiles comes in, a tool designed to simplify this process.

  • MirrorProfiles lets you create and manage multiple LinkedIn accounts efficiently and securely. The tool offers the possibility of customizing each account to match a specific segment of your audience, while respecting LinkedIn’s policies. This means you can have a dedicated account for each type of prospect, without risking any violations of LinkedIn’s terms of use.

Example of practical application:

  • An account for craftsmen and workers :
    • Use a MirrorProfiles account to specifically target craftsmen and workers. This account can be configured to adopt a tone and style of communication that resonates with this audience, as well as to send messages at strategically chosen times, such as breaks or at the end of the day.
  • Another account for executives:
    • A second MirrorProfiles account can be dedicated to executive communications. This profile can be adapted to reflect a higher level of professionalism and to send messages at times when executives are more likely to be receptive, such as early morning or late afternoon.

By using MirrorProfiles to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts, you can not only target different segments of your audience more precisely, but also do so efficiently. This approach allows you to maximize the impact of your prospecting strategy while optimizing your time and resources. Only by verticalizing your Linkedin prospecting accounts can you adapt the timing of your campaigns. The campaign calendar is managed by Linkedin account, not by campaign.

By integrating these practices into your LinkedIn prospecting strategy, you can not only increase your effectiveness, but also tailor your approach to different segments of your audience. Intelligent automation, combined with strategic segmentation, will enable you to maximize your results while optimizing your time and effort.


And there you have it, armed to the teeth to conquer the realm of LinkedIn prospecting. By mastering the art of timing, embracing automation and deftly juggling different accounts with MirrorProfiles, you’re now ready to target your prospects with surgical precision. Every message is an opportunity, every interaction a step closer to success. Remember, in the LinkedIn arena, it’s the one who knows how to combine intelligence, strategy and technology who takes the crown. So take these tips, put them into practice and watch your network blossom and your prospects turn into valuable partners. Good luck in your LinkedIn prospecting quest!

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