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Buying or renting fake Linkedin accounts VS ID verified accounts

Buying or renting fake Linkedin VS ID verified accounts?



Whether you’re a company, an agency or a freelancer, Linkedin has become the professional network where you need to be to generate leads or even to recruit.

In 2024, Linkedin once again tightened its quotas, making the platform increasingly difficult to use for mass prospecting. But mastering mass outreach doesn’t mean that you can’t deliver quality – quite the contrary! In fact, with a sufficient volume of prospecting, you can test several types of prospecting messages and easily carry out ABM campaigns on Linkedin. However, to generate sufficient prospecting volume on Linkedin, you’ll need to deploy much more than the Linkedin accounts of your sales reps, you’ll need other Linkedin accounts.

Between fake Linkedin accounts and Linkedin ID Verified accounts, which to choose? This is the subject of this article.

We’re getting more and more requests for Linkedin accounts verified by ID. To clarify the situation, we’ve decided to write this article to explain and show you why using Linkedin accounts with ID verified is no longer of interest for 2024. Worse, it’s less effective than renting fake Linkedin accounts: the MirrorProfiles specialization.

To do this, we’ll look at the difference between these 2 types of account, their advantages and disadvantages, and above all, what to choose depending on your situation and your use of Linkedin.

What is the difference between buying and renting Linkedin accounts?

Linkedin account rental was developed by MirrorProfiles 5 years ago. In the past, it was the purchase of Linkedin accounts that predominated. However, buying a Linkedin account is either very obscure (purchase on Telegram, forum on the darknet…) or not profitable at all. Indeed, the explanation is simple: a seller will focus his production of fake Linkedin accounts on speed, not security. His goal is to quickly get the Linkedin account to over 200/300 connections to justify the sale to the buyer.

However, there are 4 very important criteria for the longevity of a Linkedin account:

  1. The number of connections it has

  2. Account age

  3. Regularity of account activity

  4. Consistency between heating and use

It’s these last two criteria that sellers of fake Linkedin accounts forget most. These Linkedin account sellers will either buy or hack old Linkedin accounts to artificially boost the number of connections.

However, they often don’t pull any punches and warm-up the account in 1 week top chrono, often with the same relationships and inactive relationships. This will arouse Linkedin’s suspicions and by the time you buy the account it will already be on Linkedin’s radar.

What’s more, these accounts are often heated in India, Russia or far from your location. So as soon as you log on to your account for the first time, Linkedin will identify any abnormal behavior and may restrict the account instantly or within a few days.

According to a study we conducted among our customers who purchased accounts before renting them via MirrorProfiles, a purchased Linkedin account lasted an average of 2 weeks. Unlike MirrorProfiles, where most of our fake Linkedin accounts are several months or even years old.

What makes our MirrorProfiles accounts so robust?

This is where the big difference lies between renting and buying fake Linkedin accounts. For rentals, it’s in our interest to work on the longevity of the account, because when the Linkedin account is banned, we lose money, since we replace it free of charge for our customers. In fact, we’ll replace it in less than 24 hours, but that means we’re using an account that we could have rented to another customer, and for which we’ve spent more than 3 months working by hand.

The fact that it’s in our interest to have robust Linkedin accounts means that we work tirelessly to ensure their security. Our job is to constantly anticipate updates to Linkedin’s detection algorithm in order to guarantee you robust accounts. Thanks to this work, we have the lowest ban rate on the market: 5% on our portfolio of several thousand fake Linkedin accounts.

What’s more, we create accounts in the countries in which you’ll be using them, with dedicated IPs that will be the same from the account warmup phase through to your rental. In other words, we manage your dedicated digital footprint so that in Linkedin’s eyes, from the moment the account is created, it’s always the same user and computer logging into the account. This allows us to go under Linkedin’s detection radar, which no other vendor on the market offers.

To sum up, our financial statements are robust for 4 reasons:

  1. The number of connections it has: Over 500 real connections with real people

  2. Account seniority: at least 3 months.

  3. Regularity of account activity: we carry out a progressive warm-up on all possible Linkedin actions: profile visits, connection requests, messages, posts, like posts, etc. to appear to Linkedin as an active user of the platform. When you receive your Linkedin MirrorProfiles account within 24 hours, you can immediately automate the process, as Linkedin will not be suspicious of the activity.

  4. Digital footprint management: You access our accounts via our digital footprint management software, which keeps a consistent IPs, language, timezone… for each account. It’s the same as heating the account during your rental in a geographical area close to your own.

What’s more, our Mirror accounts are complete and credible, making them undetectable to Linkedin or platform users. Their ultra-realistic photo is generated by an AI and the profile is completed with credible and realistic experiences. In this way, you optimize your campaign rates and limit your risks.

At MirrorProfiles, we’ve chosen to create and warmup fake Linkedin accounts. In this second part, we’ll take a look at the difference between fake and verified Linkedin accounts.

The comparison between a fake Linkedin account and an ID Verified account

What is a fake Linkedin account?

A fake Linkedin MirrorProfiles account follows a process that’s been tried and tested for 3 years. We create complete fictitious identities for them so that they are as close as possible to a real person, without ever usurping an identity. The idea is to tell a credible story to build a professional CV that appeals to Linkedin and its users.

One of the huge advantages of fake Linkedin accounts is that they are 100% customizable and therefore optimizable to maximize the results of your Linkedin prospecting campaigns. Note that our accounts have all the appearance of the real thing, so they’re undetectable to Linkedin or other users.

What’s more, and not least for our B2B customers, our MirrorProfiles accounts are legal. You don’t take any criminal risk by using fake Linkedin accounts; the only thing this technique entails, as with any automation tool, is that it’s not authorized by the platform. Hence the importance of staying under the radar.

Last but not least, it’s much easier for companies to scale their Linkedin acquisition with fake Linkedin accounts than with verified IDs, which can result in much heavier penalties than simply banning a Linkedin account.

What is a Linkedin ID Verified account?

On Linkedin, you can “Verify” your Linkedin account, i.e. prove your identity. There are 2 ways of doing this:

  1. Or proactively directly on your profile by clicking here :

verify an account

  1. Either Linkedin is asking you to do so because it finds your profile suspicious or you are using an automation tool that has been detected.

Since January 2024, Linkedin has strengthened its algorithm for verifying ID cards, passports etc. You now need to provide 2 things:

a) Your government document proving your identity

b) A video of you saying specific phrases randomly requested by Linkedin

You may have seen some account sellers offering Linkedin accounts verified by an ID card, often called Linkedin ID Verified. To do this, there are 2 opaque methods: rent the Linkedin profile of a real user who wants to earn a bit of money with a profile he or she doesn’t use, or use false identity documents.

The first method, however, faces several constraints: you can’t change the first and last names of the account, the account can be recovered by its owner at any time and without notice, you’re using the image of a person who can turn against you at any time (this condition is often written in small print in the terms and conditions). Note also that sometimes, certain accounts are used by you and the real person without notification, so all your conversations, relationships etc. are visible and shared with the account owner…

The second method is quite simply illegal, as it involves the use of false identity documents. What’s more, with Linkedin’s use of videos to verify accounts, it’s virtually impossible to verify new accounts with a fake ID, as videos are unique, forgery-proof and kept by Linkedin for 30 days.

In the 2 cases used by unscrupulous resellers, the accounts are often ID-Verified ready, i.e. they promise to provide you with identity documents if you need them for the account. This doesn’t prevent you from seeing your account restricted, and in most cases, in the event of a problem, accounts are not recovered because either they can’t obtain a personalized video from the owner in time (which adds up to a long week’s wait while you pay for an unusable account), or the ID card is ultimately refused because it’s a fake.

Finally, it’s important to note that no matter what method you use, a verified Linkedin ID account is no more secure than a fictitious Linkedin account. In fact, using Linkedin with an automation tool or for mass prospecting is forbidden by Linkedin, regardless of whether the account is verified or not. So if the account is restricted, Linkedin will inform you that despite verification of your identity papers, after a thorough analysis of the account, the account is permanently restricted because it has breached the terms and conditions of use.

After that, you’ll have to battle with the seller or lessor to try and get your account replaced, which is often time-consuming and unsuccessful. Our 24-hour account replacement service, included in the rental price, is also a great comparative advantage, much appreciated by lead generation agencies.

Summary of the advantages and disadvantages of these 2 account types

Linkedin Accounts by MirrorProfiles Linkedin ID Verified accounts
Increase your prospecting volume
Increase your scraping quotas
Compatible with automation tools
Optimized Linkedin profile
100% Customizable
Industrialization for Linkedin prospecting at scale
Replaced in 24 in case of ban

As you can see, the ID verified argument is above all a marketing ploy, not a real differentiator.

For Linkedin prospecting, whether to generate leads or potential candidates, using a fake Linkedin account by MirrorProfiles is the safest and most consistent choice. If you still have any doubts, don’t hesitate to book a demo with one of our growth hackers.

Fake Linkedin account rental by MirrorProfiles, will enable you to truly build a SalesMachine on Linkedin by allowing you to deploy as many Linkedin accounts as you want to achieve your goals. MirrorProfiles is the only service on the market today to offer premium accounts of incomparable quality, making your accounts as credible as the real thing.

In the vast majority of cases, it makes more sense to use fake Linkedin accounts, but in certain situations, verified Linkedin accounts can be interesting.

The choice you need to make depending on your situation

If you automate your Linkedin prospecting

All Linkedin MirrorProfiles accounts are compatible with the automation tools available on the market. In fact, since there are so many of them, we’ve put together a selection of the best automation tools on Linkedin.

If you automate your Linkedin prospecting, you need fake MirrorProfiles accounts. Linkedin ID verified accounts will not be relevant. In fact, the moment you automate a Linkedin account, it’s at risk. Our accounts are designed and heated for this use, so the ban rate is very low (5% on a portfolio of several thousand accounts) and in the event of a ban we replace it within 24 hours.

We consider the account to be banned when Linkedin asks us to verify the identity of accounts. We don’t create fake IDs.

If you don’t automate your Linkedin prospecting

If the Linkedin account is not automated, both types of account work. In fact, you’ll stay under Linkedin’s radar, so no matter how you use the platform, the account’s robustness will be the same.


The choice between fake LinkedIn accounts and LinkedIn ID Verified accounts was a logical one in 2022, but in 2024, as we saw in this article, opting for Linkedin ID Verified accounts is 90% of the time a mistake. The growing disadvantages of using verified accounts, particularly in terms of efficiency and security, mean that fake Linkedin by MirrorProfiles accounts are the best growth solution today.

MirrorProfiles offers the rental of robust, customizable fake LinkedIn accounts for large-scale prospecting campaigns, while remaining under LinkedIn’s detection radar.

At a time when LinkedIn is tightening its security measures and limiting mass interactions, choosing innovative, tailored solutions like those offered by MirrorProfiles can be a winning strategy.

Fake LinkedIn accounts offer flexibility and efficiency which, if properly managed, can significantly increase prospecting volume while minimizing the risk of banning. Above all, keep in mind that the notion of a “fake” Linkedin account, only you know about it. For Linkedin and its users, it’s an authentic Linkedin profile, and therefore a high-performance one. For businesses and professionals looking to maximize their impact on LinkedIn, the key lies in surrounding themselves with the best suppliers, so make the right choice.

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