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How to create a linkedIn profile?

How do I create a linkedin profile?



In today’s professional world, having an online presence has become essential. LinkedIn, in particular, has established itself as the go-to platform for professionals looking to expand their network, find new opportunities or simply keep abreast of trends in their sector. In this article, we’ll guide you through the creation and optimization of a LinkedIn profile.

Creating a Linkedin account :

Why choose LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is much more than just a social network: it’s a platform dedicated to professionals, designed for networking, showcasing expertise and business visibility. Here are some major reasons why you should consider using LinkedIn, whether you’re an individual looking to expand your professional network or a company looking to strengthen your online presence.

  1. Effective professional networking: LinkedIn is first and foremost a professional networking tool. It offers the possibility of communicating with people in your industry, opening the door to multiple opportunities: creating partnerships, recruiting, turning prospects into customers, and even generating additional sales.
  2. Express your Expertise: Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn is specifically designed for professionals. This means you can share your point of view on relevant news, highlight your company’s values, or even debate topical issues. By intervening in a relevant and qualitative way, you not only reinforce your legitimacy, but also work on the e-reputation of your business.
  3. Boost your company’s visibility: Thanks to LinkedIn’s sophisticated algorithms, your interactions on the platform increase your visibility. And did you know that your LinkedIn posts are also referenced on Google? By adding relevant links to your site or blog in your publications, you can significantly increase traffic to your platforms.
  4. The Recruitment Platform par Excellence: Whether you’re a candidate looking for a job or a company looking to recruit, LinkedIn is the place to be. As an individual, highlight your skills and experience, and let us know you’re actively looking for a job. Companies can publish their job offers, which are then shared within the network.

Create an account on Linkedin? Child’s play ^^

Here are the basic steps to create an account

a. Go to the LinkedIn website.

Register on linkedIn

b. Fill in your personal details accurately. c. Select a profile photo that reflects your professionalism.

Profile example

d. Write a summary that highlights your skills and aspirations.

Having an account is a good start, but how do you make sure your profile attracts attention?

Best practices

LinkedIn is the platform of choice for professionals. To maximize your impact, here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Professional username: Opt for a simple username, like your first and last name, to make searches easier. Remember, you’re on a professional platform here.
  2. Relevant Profile Photo: First impressions count for a lot. A professional and engaging photo can increase the visibility of your profile. You don’t need a professional photographer, but make sure you look professional and welcoming. A profile without a profile photo is viewed 10 times less often than one with a photo.
  3. A clear description of your ambitions:
    • Title: Located below your photo, it should summarize your current position or training.
    • Presentation: This is an opportunity to highlight your career goals and aspirations.
  4. Customize your Banner: The banner, located behind your photo, can be used to highlight your current business or a past project.
  5. Detail your Experience: Think of this section as your online CV. Mention any professional experience you may have, including volunteer or community work, which can speak volumes about your personality and values.
  6. Highlight your Skills: Select your key skills wisely. Avoid information overload and concentrate on what really sets you apart.
  7. Custom URL: Simplify access to your profile by customizing its URL. A simple combination such as “first-name-name” is often effective.
  8. Stay active: Regular activity on LinkedIn shows your professional commitment. Interact with your network, share relevant updates and constantly expand your connections.

If you’d like further advice on optimizing your profile, you’ll find everything you need in this guide.

An optimized profile is a major asset. But how can you and your company maximize your use of LinkedIn?

How can companies harness the benefits of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn, with its vast community of professionals and businesses, has become an essential tool for companies wishing to strengthen their online presence and achieve their objectives. Here’s how they can make the most of this platform:

Talent search :

Thanks to its advanced search tools, LinkedIn has become a must for companies looking to identify candidates. The platform enables profiles to be filtered and identified according to specific skills, previous experience, recommendations and many other criteria. When potential candidates are identified, companies can contact them directly via LinkedIn’s messaging system, establishing a discreet, professional first interaction. What’s more, LinkedIn gives companies the chance to post job offers. These ads are available not only to members who are actively looking for a position, but also to those who, although not actively looking, may be attracted by a new opportunity.

Content creation :

By assiduously sharing relevant articles, case studies or news related to their sector, companies have the opportunity to stand out and establish themselves as opinion leaders in their field. This distribution of quality content stimulates interaction, whether in the form of comments, shares or discussions, amplifying the company’s visibility and consolidating its credibility with the community. It’s also essential to keep your company page up to date and polished. Such a page, regularly updated, attracts more visitors and projects a positive, dynamic image of the company.

B2B marketing :

With innovative tools such as Sales Navigator or LinkedIn AdsIn addition to the above, companies have the ability to target specific groups based on various criteria, such as company size, industry sector or job title, optimizing the generation of qualified leads. What’s more, LinkedIn is proving to be an effective facilitator of professional networking. It offers companies the chance to connect with other market players, whether suppliers, potential partners or other companies, opening the door to new collaborations and the formation of strategic partnerships. What’s more, LinkedIn is also an ideal platform for promoting professional events, whether webinars, workshops or other gatherings, reaching a specifically professional and engaged audience.


Let’s zoom in on prospecting on Linkedin. This is a common strategy, but not without risks. If you are too aggressive or do not respect the platform’s rules, you may be subject to sanctions, ranging from temporary restrictions to permanent blocking of your account. What’s more, a clumsy approach can cost you valuable connections, diminishing your influence on the network.

This is where MirrorProfiles comes in to solve these problems.

MirrorProfiles is a specialized service offering avatar account rental on LinkedIn. These accounts allow you to intensify your prospecting efforts without jeopardizing your main account. One of the main benefits is the protection of your personal account. Indeed, in the event of intense prospecting activity, if a mirror account is sanctioned, MirrorProfiles undertakes to replace it in less than 24 hours, guaranteeing the continuity of your actions. It’s worth noting that we have several security points enabling us to have less than 5% of banned accounts out of thousands in activity.

What’s more, using an avatar account gives you the opportunity to double or even multiply your reach on the platform, increasing your chances of making relevant connections. You can also adopt a strategy of “verticalizing” accounts, by creating specialized profiles to target different sectors or niches. This will refine your approach and make your prospecting even more effective.

In short, MirrorProfiles gives you the tools to fully exploit the power of LinkedIn, while protecting your image and your network.



In the professional landscape, LinkedIn has established itself as the essential platform for professionals and businesses. Its strength lies not only in networking, but also in showcasing expertise, raising the profile of companies and attracting talent. Creating an account on this platform is a must! However, to succeed on Linkedin, your profile must be well optimized. However, while the platform offers countless opportunities, it also presents challenges, particularly when it comes to prospecting. A poorly calibrated approach can lead to penalties or the alienation of valuable connections. It’s in this context that MirrorProfiles stands out, offering a clever solution with the rental of avatar accounts, making it possible to intensify prospecting without compromising one’s main account. In conclusion, by combining strategic use of LinkedIn with MirrorProfiles’ innovative solutions, professionals can confidently navigate the digital world, maximizing opportunities while minimizing risks.

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