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How to prospect on LinkedIn?

How to prospect on LinkedIn?



Do you want to prospect effectively on the LinkedIn professional social network? This article is designed to guide your company step-by-step in developing a successful linkedin sales prospecting strategy on this platform. Whether you’re looking for new customers for your company, business partners or simply to expand your professional network, we’ll provide you with the linkedin tools and methods you need to achieve your goals.

Find prospects on LinkedIn

The first step to successful prospecting on the LinkedIn network is the ability to identify and target the right prospects. Here’s how you can prospect and refine your search for future customers on LinkedIn to find the people most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Using LinkedIn filters

LinkedIn is a social network that offers a variety of filters to help you narrow down your search for prospects. Here are some of the most useful LinkedIn options for prospecting and finding your future customers:

Basic filters: These LinkedIn filters are tools that enable you to prospect and search for leads based on their location, the sector they work in, their current company, and their position. This basic LinkedIn prospecting approach targets the right profiles and is essential for eliminating irrelevant LinkedIn prospect profiles from the start of your search. The effectiveness of your prospecting lies in combining filters to obtain more accurate LinkedIn lead results. For example, combining location with a specific sector and position can greatly refine your list of potential prospects.

Quite honestly, I almost never use the simple LinkedIn search for prospecting, not precise enough, too many errors… To prospect and go beyond the basic filters and fully exploit the power of LinkedIn to find vs customers, it’s essential to use advanced LinkedIn tools and search techniques.

Advanced search techniques with SalesNavigator

For even more effective linkedin prospecting, LinkedIn offers tools like Sales Navigator, and advanced LinkedIn techniques that can transform your LinkedIn search strategy. This premium LinkedIn tool is specially designed for sales (or recruitment) professionals who want to prospect.

This tool provides advanced lead search and filtering capabilities that go far beyond what’s available on the standard LinkedIn profile. With the Sales Navigator tool, you can access detailed filters such as company size, sales, role within the company, and much more, enabling highly precise segmentation of your prospects.

Here’s how to use them:

Advanced filters: By first using LinkedIn’s company-related filter tools, then refining with the prospect-related filters, you apply a double filtering process that considerably refines your targeting on LinkedIn.

  1. Keywords and Booleans: Mastering Boolean operators such as AND, OR, NOT can considerably refine your LinkedIn lead search. For example, to prospect and search for a marketing director, but not in the advertising sector, your query might look like “marketing director NOT advertising”.
  2. Search by job title: To target specific prospects, there’s nothing like filtering by job title. This ensures that you speak directly to the decision-makers or influencers within a company.

Once you’ve refined your LinkedIn list of prospects, the next step is to retrieve this LinkedIn data efficiently. LinkedIn scraping tools can allow you to export your search results, for example into Google Sheets, with a single click. This optimizes your prospecting time and allows you to build up a database of LinkedIn prospects to contact.

Once you’ve identified and gathered a list of qualified leads, the next step is to develop a personalized LinkedIn approach to contacting them. This is the key to turning a prospect into a potential customer.

Contact your prospects on LinkedIn

Create a network to gain acceptance

The basis of effective prospecting on the LinkedIn network lies in optimizing your LinkedIn profile. This means having good content, a professional photo that inspires confidence, a catchy headline that sums up your expertise or value proposition, and an engaging summary that encourages visitors to find out more about you. Beyond your linkedin profile, it’s crucial to show in your content your expertise and involvement in your field through regular publications and active participation in relevant linkedin discussions. This quality linkedin content enhances your credibility and naturally attracts prospects to your network.

Make connection requests

Once you’ve optimized your profile, the next step in prospecting is to expand your linkedin network by sending connection requests. It’s essential to personalize these linkedin invitations by mentioning why you want to connect, whether it’s a common interest, a shared acquaintance, or a specific element of the prospect’s linkedin profile that has caught your eye. However, LinkedIn imposes restrictions to avoid abusive practices, limiting connection requests to 25 per day. Although making connection requests by prospect is a highly personalized linkedin method, it can be extremely time-consuming and often with little return on investment. This is where automation tools can play a crucial role on linkedin.

Send personalized messages

The art of copywriting comes into its own when sending personalized messages on linkedin, a central element of prospecting on LinkedIn. An effective introductory message must be both succinct and captivating in content, emphasizing a personalization of the message that reflects an understanding of the recipient’s needs or interests. Including a clear call to action in the message content is essential, as it encourages the recipient to take the next step, whether that’s replying to the linkedin message, visiting a website, or scheduling a meeting.

For prosepcter, message tracking is also a critical phase in the communication process. In the event that your first linkedin message goes unanswered, a well thought-out follow-up, enriched with a new value proposition or a different perspective, can often turn an absence of dialogue into a productive linkedin conversation. This follow-up must also be personalized and relevant to capture the recipient’s attention.

For professionals looking to maximize the effectiveness of their linkedin message campaigns while optimizing their time, the use of automation tools such as Heyreach or Waalaxy can prove invaluable for prospecting. These platforms offer the possibility of setting up automated linkedin prospecting campaigns, while respecting the standards and best practices established by LinkedIn to maintain authentic, personalized communication.

Making contact with your prospects on LinkedIn is only the first step in the conversion process. The way you manage subsequent interactions, especially responses to linkedin messages, plays a decisive role in transforming simple linkedin connections into genuine business opportunities.

Duplicate your prospecting with MirrorProfiles

MirrorProfiles is revolutionizing the way prospecting is conducted on LinkedIn by offering an innovative service: the rental of fake LinkedIn profiles, specially designed for commercial prospecting on linkedin. This approach allows you to significantly expand your network while minimizing the risks associated with intensive use of your personal linkedin profile.

Prospecting volumes

One of the major advantages of MirrorProfiles is its ability to increase the volume of your sales prospecting campaigns on linkedin. If you had five MirrorProfiles, you could send up to 125 linkedin connection requests a day, or an impressive 625 requests a week. The sheer number of linkedin interactions opens up considerable horizons in terms of networking and business opportunities. We’re talking about customer acquisition, but it works just as well for candidate acquisition. More and more recruitment agencies and recruiters in general are using MirrorProfiles.

Securing your personal profile

The use of mirrors for commercial prospecting on linkedin offers a significant advantage: the protection of your personal linkedin profile. Intensive canvassing on LinkedIn can sometimes lead to restrictions or even banning from the linkedin profile, especially if message quotas or connection requests are exceeded. With MirrorProfiles, this concern becomes obsolete. Your personal profile remains intact and your valuable connections are preserved. What’s more, in the event of a problem with a Linkedin MirrorProfiles profile, we guarantee to replace it within 24 hours, ensuring that your prospecting activities continue uninterrupted.

Vertical accounting

Effective prospecting on LinkedIn depends largely on the relevance and personalization of your approach. MirrorProfiles enables linkedin profiles to be verticalized, i.e. each avatar profile can be extensively customized to suit the target audience. Whether it’s your industry, your position or your interests, each linkedin profile is designed to maximize the acceptance rate of your connection requests. This linkedin strategy considerably increases the effectiveness of your prospecting, enabling you to communicate in a more targeted and relevant way with your prospects on linkedin.

All in all, MirrorProfiles offers a powerful, secure solution for multiplying your prospecting efforts on LinkedIn, guaranteeing both a high volume of interactions and a personalized, targeted approach.


Prospecting on LinkedIn requires a carefully thought-out strategy, combining precise identification of your prospects, extensive personalization of your messages and judicious use of the tools at your disposal. Optimizing your Linkedin profile, engaging authentically with your network and adopting innovative approaches like MirrorProfiles are all levers for maximizing the effectiveness of your Linkedin prospecting.

Remember that every interaction on LinkedIn is an opportunity to build a lasting relationship, which can turn into a fruitful partnership or a new business deal. By adopting an approach focused on value and authenticity, you’ll not only increase your chances of success, but also help strengthen your professional reputation on this essential platform.

With patience, perseverance and by following the key steps detailed in this article, you’ll be well equipped to prospect and transform LinkedIn into a real engine of growth for your business.

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