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How to use sales navigator with mirroprofile

How do I use Sales Navigator with MirrorProfiles?



Sales Navigator Lite or Advance has become an essential part of any salesperson’s or recruiter’s toolkit. Given the new features Sales Navigator will be offering in 2024, that’s not about to change! The aim of this article is not to give you a
a tutorial on Sales Navigator
but to show you why it makes sense to use it in conjunction with MirrorProfiles. Spoiler Alert, there’s a money-saving tip at the end of this article.

What is the purpose of Sales Navigator Linkedin?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium LinkedIn subscription designed specifically for sales and marketing professionals. It stands out for its advanced search engine, offering more precision and power than LinkedIn’s standard search, thanks to additional filters to refine searches.

Sales Navigator’s key features include prospect tagging and the ability to send a limited number of InMails per month. This tool is particularly useful for improving social selling, a four-step method for identifying the right contacts, building and strengthening your professional brand, sharing relevant information with prospects, and establishing trusting relationships.

Sales Navigator is ideal for advanced research, thanks in particular to its sophisticated filters and instant alerts on company changes. It’s particularly useful for recruitment and lead generation, but its standard version is limited in terms of the number of monthly searches, a constraint put in place to protect users from spam and encourage paid subscriptions.

Sales Navigator’s advanced features include filters such as Boolean combinations, alerts on company changes, and the ability to target people according to specific criteria such as hierarchical level, company size, or recent activity on LinkedIn. Although powerful for marketing targeting, its cost can be a deterrent for some users.

In other words, Sales Navigator lets you build up large, targeted prospecting files for your sales reps or recruiters. However, these large, freshly-created databases are only really interesting if you couple them with automation. In fact, a sales rep without a tool will spend far too much time prospecting in relation to your database. You’ll need to automate the process. Your sales representative will focus on target accounts.

Here are the TOP 5 automation tools I recommend. They have more or less the same logic, so it’s up to you to choose the one you prefer. The reality behind automation is that they automate the copy-and-paste that a human can do. But that doesn’t stop Linkedin from limiting a Linkedin profile, whether automated or not, to 100 connection requests per week. Here’s the 2024 solution to maximize your use of Sales Navigator.

How to optimize Sales Navigator with MirrorProfiles?

Thanks to Sales Navigator, you’ll be able to quickly scrape data and build up attractive prospecting files. Prospect or candidate files, for that matter! Whenever you need to visit Linkedin profiles or company pages, you’ll need Mirrorprofiles. In fact, visits, the number of searches, etc. In short, everything is controlled and limited by Linkedin.

The advantage of using MirrorProfiles is that you multiply Linkedin limits/quotas by the number of profiles you have. Magic no 😀

MirrorProfiles lets you rent ready-to-automate Linkedin profiles. Off the top of my head, they don’t have Sales Navigator, but there’s nothing to stop you putting it on the account. Be careful, we regularly recommend it to our customers. In 90% of cases, 1 Sales Navigator account is enough to feed a dozen Linkedin accounts. In fact, having Sales Navigator doesn’t allow you to override the famous limitations such as connection requests or the number of messages.

On the other hand, if you wish to enrich your databases with information available only on Sales Navigator, you’ll need to set up Sales Navigator on your MirrorProfiles accounts. And therein lies the trick:

  1. On your Sales Navigator account, invite your Mirrorprofiles account to connect.

  2. Go to your MirrorProfiles account and accept the login request.

  3. Return to your account and sponsor the Mirrorprofiles account by clicking here :

Sponsor MirrorProfile on Sales Navigator

  1. Return to your MirrorProfiles profile and you’ll receive a message from us with an affiliate link. This will give you 2 months free instead of 1.

  2. At the end of the 2 months, cancel the subscription by ticking the “I’m unsubscribing because the subscription is too expensive” box. Linkedin will then offer you a 50% discount for the next 2 months.

There you go! You’ve just saved and got Sales Navigator on your MirrorProfiles account for 4 months at the price of 1 month!


In conclusion, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, whether in Lite or Advance version, has established itself as an essential tool for sales and recruitment professionals. With the new features planned for 2024, its importance in prospecting and recruitment will only grow. The integration of Sales Navigator with MirrorProfiles offers a particularly effective synergy for maximizing prospecting efforts.

Sales Navigator lets you create targeted prospecting databases, but to fully exploit this data, automation is key. Recommended automation tools facilitate this process, allowing sales reps to focus on target accounts.

The joint use of Sales Navigator and MirrorProfiles offers an innovative solution to the limitations imposed by LinkedIn. MirrorProfiles lets you rent LinkedIn profiles ready for automation, and by associating a Sales Navigator account with these profiles, you can multiply LinkedIn limits and quotas. A particularly interesting tip is to sponsor a MirrorProfiles account with an existing Sales Navigator account, enabling you to obtain free months and significant discounts on the subscription.

This strategy not only optimizes the use of Sales Navigator, but also offers substantial cost savings, making this powerful tool more accessible and efficient for businesses. All in all, Sales Navigator, in combination with MirrorProfiles, represents an advanced, cost-effective prospecting strategy for professionals.

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