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How to prospect on 5 Linkedin accounts with MirrorProfiles?

It's possible to multiply your prospecting volume by 5!

All you need is 5 times as many accounts!


As we speak, Waalaxy lets you send :

  • 100 invitations with note / Week
  • 100 invitations without note/ Day

If you need a high volume of leads, for example when you’re organizing an event, or even just to feed your pipeline, you’re going to need a large number of leads.

Multiplying accounts

You can rent one or more MirrorProfiles accounts, depending on your needs.

As such, it’s the only solution that really lets you bypass Linkedin restrictions.

If we go back to the quotas mentioned above, the more accounts you take, the more you multiply the number of prospects contacted per day.

What’s more, thanks to MirrorProfiles’ no-commitment offer, you can vary the number of accounts each month according to your needs.

Verticalization of accounts

As we all know, marketing is first and foremost the art of projecting a buyer’s imagination by talking to them about their needs and how to meet them. By having several LinkedIn accounts, you can create profiles with keywords and arguments relevant to your target audience.

For example: if you’re targeting HR, you’re going to emphasize the human side, whereas if you’re targeting a CFO, you’re going to emphasize the profitability aspect.

What’s more, with verticalized accounts, you’ll have a targeted and specific network, enabling you to capitalize on it by making follow-ups or sharing posts aimed at this target. The results are impressive.

Having several LinkedIn accounts means you can do even more A/B testing on which LinkedIn account titles will have the best conversion rates. The type of profile, whether it’s male, female, young or old. In short, the possibilities for customization are endless, so get creative!

How does it work to manage 5 accounts?

When you connect to LinkedIn, it records your identity: IP address, search engine, browser language, location… etc.

However, if you connect to several accounts from the same computer, Linkedin hates this and you risk losing your account. With Mirror Profiles, you can manage your 5 accounts from a single computer, thanks to a secure, connected interface that centralizes all your leased accounts.

Start using LinkedIn to its full potential!

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