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How can I have several Linkedin accounts?



Having 2 Linkedin accounts is not allowed by Linkedin. A person can only have one Linkedin account in his or her name. However, with Linkedin’s limitations becoming more and more restrictive, there aren’t 1000 solutions for continuing to prospect in volume on Linkedin. You need several Linkedin accounts.

How can I have several Linkedin accounts? That’s what we’ll be looking at in this article.

How to have several linkedin accounts

It’s tempting to think that creating a Linkedin account, using a false first name and surname, and then starting prospecting with it, is child’s play. Linkedin is on the hunt for multiple accounts, and even more so for fake ones. Today, it has become a real skill to be able to stay under the radar.

In the vast majority of cases, after a few weeks, your account will receive a message from Linkedin to “Verify your identity”. In short, you’re being asked for an ID card so that Linkedin knows whether or not the Linkedin profile belongs to a real person. Creating fake accounts is one thing, but falsifying official documents is much more serious. As soon as Linkedin asks for your identity card, the game stops. Your account is banned, and all you have to do is start the cat-and-mouse game all over again.

There are 4 safety points for having several Linkedin accounts:

  1. The dedicated digital footprint

  2. Patience

  3. A complete and accurate profile

  4. An optimized profile, and here are our comprehensive guides to help you do just that

If you manage to keep your Linkedin accounts alive, you’ll be able to have several Linkedin accounts, but be aware that this is a temporary solution. In fact, your accounts may go untouched for months or even years, but sooner or later, one false move and you’ll lose your account. Apart from the fact that mastering these 4 points represents a profession in its own right.

Losing an account can be catastrophic in 2 ways:

  1. You lose your sales pipe. The 1st network you’ve built up.

  2. You haven’t planned ahead, and starting the whole Linkedin account creation process all over again takes a lot of time. Then your prospecting automation workflow is at a standstill.

For the first problem, the solution is simple: regularly export your network to an external database. There are two ways of doing this: Either you use Linkedin’s built-in functionality:

Or export via your preferred automation tool.

For the 2nd problem, the best solution is MirrorProfiles.

The solution: MirrorProfiles

Renting a MirrorProfiles account is a new technique that gives you a secure approach to Linkedin prospecting via a warm, secure Linkedin account, ready for immediate automation.

These accounts were created and “warmed up” for over three months. They perfectly mimic human beings and their use of Linkedin. They respect the idea of making good use of Linkedin and encourage the creation of a solid network.

From a business point of view, renting a MirrorProfiles account may seem less attractive thanbuying a Linkedin account. But it also ensures that quality is maintained and safety enhanced. If the account is struck, the loss is shared, unlike account sellers who give up security after the sale.

Developed by Stepward, a growth hacking agency with expertise in outbound marketing, this tool will boost your prospecting on LinkedIn tenfold. Compatible with all LinkedIn automation tools on the market, you can :

  • Contact several thousand people. For example, with 5 accounts, that’s a volume of 1,000 people per week!
  • Keep your leads with an account that belongs to your company.
  • Secure your LinkedIn accounts and those of your colleagues.

We also offer MirrorChat, the only tool on the market that consolidates your LinkedIn messages from multiple accounts into a single interface.

Simple, attractive pricing: 100 euros/month for 1 MirrorProfiles account with no commitment.

With LinkedIn updates,
is the only solution available to bypass LinkedIn quotas and contact your targets risk-free!

MirrorProfiles rates

With MirrorProfiles, you can rent ready-to-use Linkedin profiles. In other words, you can have a multitude of Linkedin accounts to multiply your prospecting. The advantage of our service is that if the account is banned (less than 5% of the Linkedin accounts we rent), we’ll replace it in less than 24 hours.

MirrorProfiles is compatible with all the automation tools on the market, for the good reason that it’s a real/fake Linkedin account. You can even have either an avatar or a Mirroir account.

In short, the time you’ll save with MirrorProfiles is colossal. But where our expertise lies is in maintaining these accounts, and consequently the stability of your automations. Our customers stay with us because our support is responsive and we advise them on good Linkedin prospecting practices.


Having several Linkedin accounts is complicated. It requires real know-how and a lot of time. Even if you manage to create your own Linkedin account farm, it’s not your job, and maintaining it will waste precious time. The best solution if you have 2 Linkedin accounts, 3 accounts or even a hundred is to use MirrorProfiles.

Using several Linkedin accounts requires new processes and proper management of your Linkedin campaigns. We’ve written an article to help you manage several Linkedin accounts.

Get MirrorProfiles accounts. All that’s left for me to do now is to wish you good prospecting!

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