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How to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts: The ultimate guide



multi linkedin accountThe need to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts is a reality for many of us, whether it’s managing the professional profiles of several employees, or simultaneously administering our personal and professional profiles.

This may seem a complicated task, but rest assured that there are solutions to simplify the process. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different ways you can effectively manage multiple LinkedIn accounts.

Managing multiple LinkedIn accounts: the challenges

Managing multiple LinkedIn accounts is no trivial task. A number of issues arise: how do you connect to several accounts simultaneously? How do I send messages from different profiles? Or how to avoid being flagged by LinkedIn as a user of fake accounts, a reprehensible practice that can lead to banishment from the social network?

Using Chrome sessions: a first approach

An easy solution might be to use the features offered by your web browser. For example, Google Chrome lets you create multiple user profiles. Each profile can then be associated with a separate LinkedIn account, enabling multiple accounts to be managed simultaneously.

However, this solution, although apparently simple and effective, is not without risk. Over the years, LinkedIn has developed increasingly sophisticated techniques for detecting fake accounts. By using multiple Chrome sessions, you’ll be detected and your accounts banned.

Avoid penalties: rent a LinkedIn account

To avoid the risk of banishment, MirrorProfiles has developed an innovative solution: LinkedIn account rental. These accounts, known as “heated”, were used manually for more than three months before being put up for rent. This has given them a certain credibility, making them more difficult for LinkedIn’s algorithms to detect.

What’s more, these accounts benefit from another major advantage: they already have over 500 connections, giving the appearance of an active, authentic account. They are therefore ready for use with all existing automation tools such as Waalaxy, LGM, Lemlist, Neodeal, Linked Helper, etc.

Automated account management with Waalaxy

Waalaxy is an automated LinkedIn prospecting management tool. How it works is simple: just connect your different LinkedIn profiles to Waalaxy, set automation limits for each account (to avoid detection by LinkedIn), and import your leads into Waalaxy from lists or CSV files.

Thanks to this tool, you can build personalized message sequences for each account and optimize your prospecting campaigns. Waalaxy helps you write persuasive, personalized messages to maximize the effectiveness of your communications. If you would like to find out more about how to write high-impact prospecting messages, go to this article.

Waalaxy’s Team plan is specially designed to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts. It’s ideal for sales and business development teams, as well as for agencies managing their customers’ LinkedIn accounts. Team plan features include centralized account management, single billing, lead import between accounts, anti-duplicate security and access to other team accounts.

Efficiently manage multiple email accounts with MirrorChat

When it comes to managing multiple LinkedIn accounts, one of the most arduous and time-consuming tasks is managing messages. Between sending initial messages, monitoring ongoing conversations and replying to new messages, the workload can quickly become overwhelming.

That’s where MirrorChat comes in, software that centralizes and optimizes the management of your LinkedIn messages.

What is MirrorChat?

mirrorchat interface

MirrorChat is a platform designed to make managing your LinkedIn messages easier and more efficient. This platform centralizes all your LinkedIn messages, regardless of the accounts from which they were sent or received.

With MirrorChat, all your conversations are grouped together on a single web page, accessible from all your devices. You no longer need to constantly log in and out of your various LinkedIn accounts, which saves you a considerable amount of time.

MirrorChat features

MirrorChat offers a range of features that go far beyond simple message centralization. Here’s an overview of what this platform can do for you:

  • Conversation organization : With MirrorChat, you can organize your conversations according to various criteria, such as unreads, date of last message, name of caller, etc. This allows you to prioritize your responses according to the urgency or importance of the conversation.
  • Automated responses: With MirrorChat, you can create automated responses to your LinkedIn messages. For example, you can set up an automatic reply to thank people who add you to their network, or to answer frequently asked questions. This feature allows you to save time while maintaining an active presence on LinkedIn.
  • Collecting prospect contact information:
    MirrorChat also lets you retrieve your prospects’ contact details directly from your LinkedIn messages. This enables you to enrich your database with telephone numbers and e-mails, making it easier to follow up and contact your prospects.
  • Security: The security of your data is a priority for MirrorChat. All your conversations are stored on a secure platform, and access to your messages is password-protected. So you can use MirrorChat with complete peace of mind, without fear of your confidential information being exposed.
  • Accessibility: Whether you’re in the office, on the road or at home, you can access MirrorChat from any Internet-connected device. The platform’s interface is intuitive and easy to use, whether you’re on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

How do I use MirrorChat?

Using MirrorChat is easy. After creating your account on the platform, you need to connect your LinkedIn accounts. Once this step has been completed, you can start using all the platform’s features.

To send a message, simply choose the LinkedIn account you wish to use, select the recipient and write your message.

To view your messages, simply go to the MirrorChat home page. Here you’ll find all your conversations, sorted by date.


Managing multiple LinkedIn accounts can be a complex task, but there are tools and strategies to make your life easier. Whether you choose to use Chrome sessions, rent LinkedIn accounts via MirrorProfiles, automate your account management with Waalaxy, or centralize your messages with MirrorChat, you now have all the keys you need to effectively manage your LinkedIn accounts.

We hope you find this guide useful, and that it helps you make the most of your LinkedIn presence. Remember: it’s all about having a clear strategy and choosing the right tools for the job.


1. Can I manage several LinkedIn accounts simultaneously? Yes, there are several methods for managing multiple LinkedIn accounts at the same time, such as using MirrorProfiles accounts or using automation tools like Waalaxy.

2. How can I avoid being banned from LinkedIn by managing several accounts? One solution is to rent LinkedIn accounts via platforms like MirrorProfiles. These accounts, which have been manually used for several months before being put up for rent, are less likely to be detected by LinkedIn as fake accounts.

3. How do I send messages from different LinkedIn accounts? The MirrorChat tool centralizes all your LinkedIn messages in one place, so you don’t have to manually connect to each account to view your messages.

4. What features does MirrorChat offer? MirrorChat offers a number of features, including message centralization, response automation, message sorting, data export and more.

5. Is it safe to use MirrorChat? Yes, MirrorChat offers a private, secure interface for managing your LinkedIn messages.

6. Can I rent LinkedIn accounts via MirrorProfiles? Yes, at MirrorProfiles we offer LinkedIn accounts for rent. These accounts were manually used for over three months before being put up for rent and have over 500 connections, giving them an active and authentic appearance.

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