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ABM strategy on Linkedin: The complete guide

ABM Strategy on Linkedin: The Complete Guide to 2024



The world of BtoB marketing is constantly evolving, and in 2024, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) on LinkedIn is emerging as an important approach to B2B lead generation. Adopting a targeted, personalized strategy, ABM is revolutionizing the way organizations interact with their key accounts and prime prospects.

This comprehensive guide will reveal the secrets to deploying a successful ABM strategy on LinkedIn. You’ll discover how to make full use of the resources and features available on the platform to establish privileged contact with your potential customers and expand into the BtoB market.

Understanding ABM and its importance on LinkedIn

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is revolutionizing the BtoB sector. This strategy distinguishes itself by directly targeting specific high-value customer accounts, tailoring communications and marketing techniques to meet their exact requirements. The idea behind this strategy is to sign up key accounts or hard-to-reach companies.

What is ABM (Account-Based Marketing)?

ABM is a strategic approach designed to align marketing activities with business objectives, specifically targeting companies or accounts with the highest potential for conversion into loyal customers. However, if we are to win major accounts, we need to multiply our points of contact within the same company. If we had to imagine the ABM technique, it would be to contact all the people gravitating around your main target, so that in the end it’s one of these people talking about you around the coffee machine or in a meeting.

This process promotes in-depth personalization of communications and offers, significantly improving conversion rates and solidifying customer relationships.

Why is LinkedIn crucial to a successful ABM strategy?

LinkedIn, the leading professional platform, is indispensable for executing a successful ABM strategy. With over 13 million Business Pages and advanced targeting features, LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity to connect directly with targeted accounts, with unprecedented precision. By mastering SalesNavigator filters, you can recreate an organization chart of your target companies. The aim is to have a map of all the people who work in any way on the subject that your product/service solves.

What’s more, thanks to its functionalities, LinkedIn fosters effective collaboration between marketing and sales teams, a key component of ABM, guaranteeing targeted and harmonious communication to key decision-makers.

Laying the foundations for your ABM strategy on LinkedIn

To succeed with your ABM (Account-Based Marketing) strategy on LinkedIn, it’s crucial to start with detailed planning and a clear understanding of your business objectives. These are the foundations that will guide and optimize the impact of your marketing campaigns. Thanks to the mesh you’ve created, you’ll have several databases that you can contact with different types of exchanges and different objectives.

This is where MirrorProfiles comes into its own. With several Linkedin accounts, you can test different types of message on the same person. If you only use your Linkedin account, as it has a native exchange history, you only have 1 chance of hitting the bull’s-eye.

Define your specific ABM objectives

It’s essential to start by setting specific, quantifiable goals. What do you want to achieve? Increase brand awareness, capture high-quality leads, or boost your conversion rate? Setting defined objectives will help you to direct your actions strategically and evaluate the effectiveness of your ABM approach.

For example, you may very well have an ABM approach that performs well on the white paper download rate, but less well on conversion into appointments. You can therefore conclude that this is the part to work on, and perhaps propose the white paper only once the appointment has been made.

Objectives can and should differ depending on the type of prospect you’re contacting. For example, if you’ve included assistants in your strategy, your objective won’t be to trigger appointments, but to get them to download a white paper or take part in a webinar. More of a marketing / lead nurturing objective. A contratio, as soon as you reach hierarchical levels such as “Director” or “Head of” it will be necessary to push for an appointment. CTAs (Call To Action) should therefore be different in the same ABM campaign, depending on the type of prospects you’re targeting.

Identify and segment your target accounts

Clearly identifying target accounts is a fundamental step. Leverage demographic information, user behavior and specific data provided by LinkedIn to segment your prospects and personalize your exchanges. This will enable you to focus on the prospects most likely to convert into customers. A must-have for this is mastering SalesNavigator filters. But don’t hesitate to couple this information with other data sources such as SocieteInfo or Appolo.

Know your audience and its needs

In-depth knowledge of your audience is essential. What challenges do they face? What are their needs and main concerns? By understanding your audience, you’ll be able to design content that truly resonates with them and stimulates engagement.

For example, one of our customers rents 15 Linkedin MirrorProfiles accounts, and devotes 5 of them to database qualification. Specifically, on these 5 Linkedin accounts he personalized them as law students needing answers for a group project. The questions in this “group project” are used to qualify the prospect so as to know whether or not the other 10 Mirrorprofiles accounts should prospect him.

Profile and content optimization for ABM

A strong presence on LinkedIn is essential for any BtoB company. Optimizing your corporate and personal profile is the first step towards a successful ABM strategy. A carefully crafted account aligned with your ABM objectives can be a highly effective conversion tool. If your Linkedin page has a marketing objective, it must have a “summary”, a “headline” and a cover photo in line with the target.

Create an attractive and relevant company page

Your LinkedIn company page needs to captivate while providing key information. It’s imperative that it accurately reflects your company’s values and expertise, and is optimized for search. Make sure your cover image, logo and company summary project a professional image and are in line with your brand identity. Incorporating appropriate keywords will boost your visibility, while highlighting your greatest achievements will attract more attention.

Content strategies to engage target accounts

The content you share on LinkedIn must resonate with these accounts. Developing a content strategy focused on presenting case studies, testimonials and industry analysis relevant to your prospects’ challenges and needs is crucial. Vary the formats:

To maintain interest and establish your position as an opinion leader, you need to be regular. It’s a good idea to draw up an editorial calendar in advance, so that you’re at least 4/5 weeks ahead in your publications.

Use personalized content to deepen the relationship

Personalization is at the heart of ABM strategy. Generate targeted content that specifically addresses the issues of the accounts you’re targeting. Sending personalized messages, invitations to exclusive webinars, and customized promotions can solidify this relationship while accelerating the conversion process.

Leveraging LinkedIn’s advertising tools for ABM

LinkedIn’s advertising features, including Sponsored Content, Message Ads, and Dynamic Ads, provide access to precision targeting. Using these options, you have the ability to communicate in a personalized way with your audience, either through their news feed or directly in their messaging, optimizing the relevance and impact of your ABM campaigns. It can be interesting to combine your outgoing prospecting actions with Linkedin advertising. The 2 are complementary and will maximize results. Advertising will help you gain credibility in the eyes of your prospects.

Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for precise targeting

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a major asset for marketers and salespeople, offering advanced search capabilities for fine-tuning prospect targeting. Thanks to its advanced filtering system, you can identify and interact with high-quality prospects, boosting the effectiveness of your ABM strategy on LinkedIn.

Synchronize your CRM with LinkedIn for greater efficiency

Combining your CRM with LinkedIn can transform your sales and marketing approach, making it far more effective and, above all, less time-consuming for your sales or marketing team. To achieve this, MirrorChat and MirrorCRM are 2 essential elements for good structuring. This facilitates lead management and boosts the success of your ABM campaigns thanks to optimal use of data.

Measuring the success of your ABM strategy on LinkedIn

Measuring the effectiveness of your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy on LinkedIn is essential for evaluating the impact of your initiatives and guiding your future strategic choices. This requires determining the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), constantly analyzing data and engaging in continuous learning to refine future campaigns.

Identify key KPIs for ABM

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are quantitative measures used to assess the effectiveness of your ABM strategy. Crucial KPIs include conversion rate, cost per acquisition, engagement with target accounts, and return on investment (ROI). These indicators must be in line with your business objectives to reveal precise insights into your performance. On Linkedin, using a Linkedin automation tool like Hey Reach, you can easily track the following KPIs:

  • Acceptance rate for your connection requests: aim for over 30%.
  • Response rate to your Linkedin messages: Aim for over 20%.

Analyze and adjust your campaigns in real time

The ability to analyze and adjust your live campaigns is essential to their success. Use automation tools and analytics platforms to track performance and modify your campaigns based on insights gained. Adjustments can be made to the message, targeting and advertising budgets.

Learn and optimize

Every campaign is a learning opportunity. Look at what went right and where you can improve to understand your successes and failures. Use this knowledge to perfect your future methods, continually improving your tactics to better meet the expectations of your target accounts.

Case studies and best practices

The effectiveness of ABM (Account-Based Marketing) strategies on LinkedIn is supported by a considerable number of success stories. Yet every success story is accompanied by lessons learned from common mistakes. Experts share their tips for building a solid ABM strategy in line with the challenges of 2024.

Companies such as Adobe have validated the relevance of ABM on LinkedIn, achieving remarkable conversion rates and positively influencing purchasing decisions through targeted, personalized campaigns.

Common mistakes include using an insufficient company page, failing to use relevant LinkedIn Groups, and lacking a coherent content strategy. Avoiding these mistakes is crucial to maintaining a solid and meaningful professional presence.

Specialists advise focusing on specific objectives, mobilizing internal brand ambassadors, and employing targeted ABM tactics to engage high-value accounts, thus fostering strategic growth.


In short, ABM (Account-Based Marketing) on LinkedIn is a particularly effective but complex method, requiring in-depth knowledge of your key prospects and careful application. By 2024, brands that implement a personalized, data-driven strategy, boost their visibility on the web and closely monitor their results, will clearly stand out from the crowd. To carry out a real ABM strategy on Linkedin, you’ll need to deploy several fake Linkedin accounts in order to have sufficient volume AND, above all, the possibility of testing several types of prospecting messages.

It’s time to adopt these proven approaches in your marketing plan to convert your prospects into valuable business partners now.

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