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How and why use Piwaa to manage your messages?

Welcome to this guide on "how to create an automated sequence on Linkedin".

The Piwaa extension is an improved Linkedin messaging system. This messaging system will save you an enormous amount of time. Now the best tool for that is MirrorChat.

How do you do it?

First of all, you’ll be able to sort your messages: by unread, by date, and even by Tags.

You can tag a person to assign them an offer, for example, or a service. In this way, you can filter conversations related to your offers or services.

Programmed dispatch

With Piwaa, you can program a message to be sent over time. You can even pre-record entire messages with variables. This makes message processing much simpler and faster!

Data enrichment

Piwaa is not a data enrichment tool per se. However, after using it for several months, we can tell you that it’s a real goldmine!

In fact, the number of 06s recovered by Piwaa is 30%. These numbers turned out to be 100% accurate! It’s very useful for boycotting the secretary’s dam.

When it comes to e-mail, on the other hand, it’s often personal e-mail that’s found… So be careful how you use it!

Connect your Linkedin to your CRM with Webhooks

With Piwaa, you can connect your messaging system to any tool via a Webhook and send all your prospects’ information. In just 1 click, you can export Piwaa data to your CRM. You can create a contact record, a transaction record and decide how far your deal has progressed.

Piwaa’s real goal is to save you time processing your campaigns!

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