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How to use Waalaxy with Mirrorprofiles to automate your prospecting?

In this guide we'll talk about how to create automated sequences on Linkedin via Waalaxy.

Waalaxy offers

A very rudimentary “free” version of Waalaxy allows you to send 100 invitations per week. So if you want to follow this tutorial in real time, you can.

In the most advanced version, the “Business” version, you can really push the envelope.

  • 700 invitations (without note) per week,
  • enrich up to 500 e-mails per month
  • send automated e-mails!

The real advantage is that you can create automated sequences quickly and to your own specifications. And that’s what we’re going to talk about in this guide.

Create your campaign

To create your campaign, simply go to the rocket tab on the left-hand edge of the interface. Then, once you’ve arrived, you create a sequence according to your needs.

In our case, this is what we want.

  • A visit
  • A “With Note” connection request
  • A message

Step 1: Add prospects

When you add prospects to contact, you’ll have the option of choosing certain advanced segmentation criteria to target only certain people.

This can be interesting if you’ve decided to slice your audience according to qualifying information, such as the presence of a phone number or e-mail address.

Alternatively, add prospects according to the lists created previously.

Step 2: Define your message

Rule 1: Keep it simple and efficient.

The goal is to make the person want to answer! If you yourself receive messages on Linkedin, you know how unpleasant it is to have to read a pamphlet.

Rule n°2: People

The person reading you must really feel that you’ve made a small gesture. What’s more, if the person you’re talking to feels they have something to gain from answering you, they will.

Automation is like astrology: if it’s too generic it’s not interesting, if it’s too specific it doesn’t concern us…

Rule 3: Be creative and relevant

If you want to stand out from the 100 other messages the person has received during the day, do something original! If you’ve ever been on Youtube, take inspiration from the click bait and cliff hangers of your favorite series, and make your audience want to know what happens next.

Consider custom image links via Uclick. Create personalized videos on Hyperise. Customize GIFs! (yes it’s possible)

You also need to be relevant and send a message that is in tune with your target’s reality. The cleaner your initial database, the more results you’ll get!

Step 3: Track your campaign

To learn, you have to make mistakes. In business, there’s a widespread practice known as A/B testing. It’s the act of changing a small parameter on your campaign to observe a difference in terms of open rate, response rate.

So don’t hesitate to test several versions of your message to see which works best. Or test other types of target to determine the most relevant. Be careful to limit the number of variables in your tests, to avoid drawing the wrong conclusions.

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