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How do I make a relevant Linkedin query?

The purpose of this guide is to show you how, using the Waalaxy extension, you can build a qualified prospecting database based on your criteria.

To do a good search on Linkedin you need :

Make the Booleans your own!

Boolean operators are used to clarify and refine our LinkedIn search. The three common Boolean operators in our language are AND, OR and NOT.


Keyword A, or keyword B, or both (A&B) are present in the LinkedIn search = increases the number of profiles


Keyword A and keyword B must both be present in the LinkedIn search = reduce the number of profiles


Keyword A is present in the LinkedIn search, but keyword B is excluded = reduces the number of profiles

In our case, we’d like to contact freelance Growth Hackers who don’t do SEO.

Our query is: “Growth Hacking” AND “Freelance” NOT “SEO”.

Use native Linkedin segmentation criteria

Although a Boolean search is powerful, it’s always best to use LinkedIn’s own search criteria. For example: sector, company size, experience… etc.

As LinkedIn has already standardized its database, this will give you more precise, organized targeting criteria, enabling you to carry out multiple searches.

Limit the size of your search

This brings us to the importance of limiting the size of your search to increase its quality and personalization.

In other words, LinkedIn will limit you to a maximum of 2,500 people visible per search, i.e. the first 100 pages. However, it is advisable to go even lower, limiting yourself to -1500 people. Beyond that, LinkedIn tends to put much less relevant people.

A good search will multiply the use of targeting criteria on Sales Navigator, but will also use exclusions to clean up your audience as much as possible.

Remember, a well-executed LinkedIn search will save you a lot of time later on, so take a little time to build it!

Export results

Once the search has been created, it must be exported to Waalaxy.

To do this, you need to:

  1. Carry out your search
  2. Click on the Waalaxy extension you’ve already installed
  3. Create a list and Export

It’s as simple as that!

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