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How to find pro email addresses from LinkedIn



Prospecting on Linkedin has become commonplace. Expanding your network and running effective marketing campaigns requires more than just connections. Recovering professional e-mail addresses from LinkedIn opens new doors for direct, personalized communication, essential to any digital marketing strategy. This article explores why retrieving emails via LinkedIn is crucial, presents the most effective tools for doing so, and discusses best practices for launching successful email campaigns.

Why use LinkedIn to retrieve e-mails?

Collecting e-mail addresses via LinkedIn is of strategic importance in digital marketing. This approach allows you to upgrade contacts who have not accepted your request to connect on LinkedIn. These individuals, inaccessible via the platform, can be effectively targeted by email campaigns, transforming an initial refusal into a communication opportunity.

When it comes to keeping contact with prospects, it’s essential to understand that this goes beyond simply collecting information. It’s a way of enriching your CRM with qualitative data, the fruit of meticulous work on the database. By collecting e-mail addresses, you can turn every interaction on LinkedIn into a lasting resource for your sales and marketing teams.

The retrieval of personal e-mails, after acceptance of an invitation and initial interaction, is technically possible. However, it is imperative to comply with regulations such as the RGPD, which prohibits the use of these personal emails for direct prospecting purposes. If you do, you’ll immediately be flagged by unhappy prospects ^^.

However, these addresses can be invaluable to your marketing teams, in particular for creating similar audiences in retargeting campaigns, by exploiting the filters used during scraping.

Finally, the use of solutions like MirrorProfiles can increase the acceptance rate of invitations on LinkedIn. By personalizing a profile to match that of your prospect, you create a bond of trust and familiarity, increasing the chances of acceptance. This “peer-to-peer” method is a subtle tactic for expanding your network and improving the effectiveness of your prospecting campaigns.

Professional email enrichment tools

Data scraping is a crucial step in any digital marketing strategy. Using the right tools is essential to extracting information efficiently, while guaranteeing the security of your account. MirrorProfiles stands out here, offering a risk-free LinkedIn scraping solution because you collect data on a Mirror account, replaceable within 24 hours if the account is restricted.

Once the database has been built up, it’s time to enrich it with specific tools:

Dropcontact: This tool specializes in data verification and enrichment. It doesn’t just find e-mail addresses; it cleans, dedupes and standardizes them, ensuring a high-quality database. Dropcontact’s main advantage lies in its powerful algorithm, which guarantees reliable, up-to-date data. Most relevant if your prospect is located in France.

Datagma: Datagma stands out for its artificial intelligence approach to data enrichment. This tool not only offers contact information, but also provides valuable insights into prospects, such as their activity on social networks or their online behavior, enabling further personalization of marketing campaigns. Relevant for prospects on the European continent.

Snov: Snov is a versatile tool for finding e-mails, checking their validity and launching email campaigns. Its ease of use and integration with other platforms make it a preferred choice for companies looking for an all-in-one solution for their prospecting needs. They’re especially good if your prospect is on the Asian continent.

GetEmail: Specializing in e-mail address retrieval, GetEmail uses an algorithm based on artificial intelligence to accurately find professional e-mails. This tool is particularly useful for companies with specific targeting needs who are looking to maximize the effectiveness of their prospecting. Relevant, no matter where your prospect is located, the only problem is that this tool is more expensive than the others.

Each of these tools offers unique and complementary features, enabling companies to build a solid and effective e-mail prospecting strategy. We use them all for cascade enrichment. To find out more about these tools and how they can fit into your digital marketing strategy, check out this detailed article.

Launching email campaigns

Launching effective email campaigns requires the right tools to manage and optimize communications. At MirrorProfiles, we integrate emailing as an essential complement to our LinkedIn campaigns, specifically targeting those who have not accepted our connection requests.

Emelia: This emailing tool stands out for its ease of use and efficiency. Emelia lets you personalize campaigns, automate mailings and track performance in real time. Its ability to adapt to different user needs makes it a preferred choice for companies of all sizes. One of its big advantages is its price.

Lemlist: Lemlist excels in email personalization, offering unique features such as the addition of personalized images and videos to emails. This ability to create highly personalized campaigns significantly increases open and engagement rates. For effective integration of Lemlist with your LinkedIn campaigns, I recommend this Lemlist X MirrorProfiles tutorial.

Instantly: Instantly is an emailing tool focused on automation and data analysis. It lets you create sophisticated email campaigns with automated email sequences based on recipient behavior. This enables a more targeted and personalized approach, increasing the overall effectiveness of the campaign. Instantly lets you use multiple e-mail addresses as senders, allowing you to rotate between them when sending e-mails. For the time being, this is the tool you need if you want to scale up your email marketing.

It’s important to note that, although prospecting via LinkedIn is often more effective, emailing remains a powerful tool, especially when used as a complement. However, the key to success lies in managing e-mail deliverability, a crucial aspect in ensuring that your messages actually reach your prospects’ inboxes.

By combining these tools and following emailing best practices, companies can maximize the impact of their digital marketing campaigns.


Collecting e-mail addresses via LinkedIn, using specialized tools to enrich this data, and launching targeted e-mail campaigns form a strategic triptych for any digital marketer. By leveraging LinkedIn’s prospecting capabilities and complementing this with personalized email campaigns, companies can not only expand their network, but also engage more meaningfully with their prospects. Choosing the right tools and following best practices are essential to ensure the effectiveness and compliance of these strategies. Ultimately, the harmonious integration of these elements is the key to transforming LinkedIn connections into lasting, fruitful professional relationships.

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