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How can I generate leads on Linkedin?

How can I generate leads on Linkedin?



Sales prospecting is crucial to a company’s growth. It aims to attract new customers, essential for increasing sales of products or services. To excel in this approach, it’s essential to equip yourself with relevant methods and tools that match your target market, target audience and available budget. Are you wondering which tools are essential for effective prospecting? Are you looking for the best ways to reach your sales targets? Discover our selection of 10 essential sales prospecting tools. These resources are designed to perfect your strategy, save you time and increase your sales. Whether you’re just starting out in the trade, or you’ve already got some experience, you’ll find the perfect tool for you!

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for lead generation

Your LinkedIn profile is much more than just a digital CV; it’s a powerful showcase for your professional expertise. Careful optimization can turn this profile into an effective lead generator. Let’s see how you can improve it to captivate your prospects.

Take care of your LinkedIn photo and banner for an impactful first impression

The first thing prospects will notice is your profile photo and page banner. Make sure they convey your professionalism and are in line with the expectations of your sector. A clear, smiling, professional photo combined with a banner evocative of your services or values will help you establish your credibility on LinkedIn. If possible, integrate your logo or a call-to-action directly. This CTA is often present on the banner and not on your cover photo. You can optimize image dimensions with this article.

Write an attractive LinkedIn summary focused on your value proposition

On LinkedIn, the summary is your tagline. It must quickly capture your prospects’ interest by being direct and captivating. Lead generation also involves the catchphrase you use on your Linkedin profile, but also in your prospecting messages: emphasize what you bring to the table: your added value. A warm, engaging tone, with a personal touch, invites dialogue. Don’t forget to conclude with a call to action, enabling easy contact or access to your resources.

Highlight your experience and key skills

On LinkedIn, your skills and experience are proof of your know-how. They need to frame your value proposition and solve prospect problems. Enhance the most significant ones for your business, by backing them up with figures, evidence or testimonials. Include recommendations and qualifications if possible to reinforce your reputation.

Use relevant keywords to improve your visibility

Keywords are used to describe your specialties and improve your visibility on LinkedIn. Choose terms that capture the essence of your offer and place them strategically in your title, summary and skills descriptions. Take inspiration from your prospects’ frequent queries or your competitors’ popular terms to strengthen your presence in search results.

Content strategies for attracting and engaging prospects on LinkedIn

For a successful lead gen strategy on LinkedIn, your content must be the central hub. It establishes your position as an expert, brings value to your subscribers and builds a relationship of trust with your prospects. Here are some essential tips for creating and sharing influential content that stimulates lead generation.

Regularly publish high-quality LinkedIn content relevant to your target audience

Effective content on LinkedIn must be relevant and of high quality. It needs to meet the needs and interests of your target audience, be well written and structured, with appropriate images and be free of errors. Understand your persona – the typical customer you’re targeting – and align your tone, style and message with their expectations. What’s more, regular publication helps you capture and maintain the interest of your audience while strengthening your brand presence. Writing a good Linkedin post is an art! You have to be able to combine speed and efficiency. You’re not a community manager, so you can’t afford to spend too much time writing up your Linkedin SEO strategy.

Encourage interaction on LinkedIn with questions and calls to action

Content on LinkedIn should inform and engage. Increase interaction with powerful questions, captivating polls or interesting challenges. Use clear calls to action to direct your prospects to a contact or download form, enabling them to provide you with their valuable data and become qualified leads.

Use a variety of formats: articles, videos, infographics

On LinkedIn, use a variety of formats to enrich your communication and reach different audiences. Long articles underline your expertise, short videos capture attention and arouse emotions, while infographics offer key information in a visual and memorable way.

Share testimonials and case studies to build trust

Content that concretely demonstrates the value of your offer is very persuasive. Highlight customer testimonials or case studies that show the results achieved thanks to your services. This type of content showcases your expertise, reassures your prospects and inspires them to take action. You can also share logos or badges of professional recognition to reinforce your credibility.

Linkedin prospecting to generate B2B leads

Now that we’ve taken a tour of the more inbound marketing side of Linkedin, let’s take a look at Linkedin prospecting proper. Indeed, the 2 levers will be complementary on this network.

LinkedIn isn’t just a platform for sharing content, it’s also a powerful networking tool that helps you build and maintain key professional relationships with prospects, customers and influencers. Discover strategic networking methods to boost lead generation on LinkedIn.

Join and actively participate in relevant LinkedIn groups

Discussions within LinkedIn groups, centers of exchange around common themes, offer opportunities to connect with professionals with similar interests or common issues. Get involved in groups related to your sector to assert your expertise, increase your visibility and identify prospects. Contribute constructively by sharingrelevant information, answering questions, offering advice and soliciting opinions to bring value to the group with relevant content.

LinkedIn groups are a good way to exchange ideas with prospects with the same skills OR with skills that are consistent with the service/product you offer. However, these groups don’t get much exposure on LinkedIn, so don’t bother posting content to them. No one receives a notification on a LinkedIn Group post. Instead, take advantage of being a member of a group to scrape members and build up a good prospecting file.

Deploy outbound prospecting campaigns on LinkedIn to generate B2B leads

LinkedIn lets you forge links with people who can boost your business. By building up your professional network, you strengthen your visibility, credibility and ability to be recommended, in particular by regularly sharing quality content that highlights your expertise.

With MirrorProfiles, you can rent LinkedIn profiles ready for automation. In other words, you can deploy multiple LinkedIn accounts as if you had an entire sales team. Then you can plug in an automation tool to send out mass connection requests and prospecting messages, accompanied by engaging content.

The advantages of this technique are twofold:

  • You’re no longer constrained by LinkedIn limitations. In 2024, 1 LinkedIn account (free or paid) can send between 100 and 150 connection requests per week.
  • If you apply the recommendations outlined above, you’ll be able to verticalize your LinkedIn accounts. In other words, you can specialize each LinkedIn account by the target audience you have. For example, if your targets are small business managers and sales directors, then with your 2 MirrorProfiles accounts you can connect to 1 profile with only managers, and the other with only sales directors.

Generating leads on LinkedIn through prospecting is surely the most profitable channel in outbound marketing. In fact, 90% of your prospects are on this network and can be reached directly. Of course, it’s not that easy – you have to be smarter than your competitors, but if you’re reading this article, you already are 😉 There are many tips and advice on LinkedIn prospecting that you need to master to maximize your B2B lead generation, in particular by creating a content that resonates with your target audience.

Use social listening to identify LinkedIn conversation opportunities

Social listening is the art of closely following exchanges on LinkedIn related to your industry or target market. This practice reveals opportune moments to engage prospects in conversation, thanks to an understanding of their needs, expectations and motivations. Intelligence tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator make it easy to track relevant news and interactions. The use of keywords, hashtags and filters refines your search for more targeted interactions. Good LinkedIn research isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. However, to have successful prospecting campaigns, the sinews of war remain data: your prospecting file must be precise and qualified.

Start private conversations on LinkedIn with personalized messages

Private messages on LinkedIn are perfect for making meaningful connections and moving your prospects along the lead generation conversion tunnel. Send personalized messages that encourage authentic exchanges and can prompt the submission of relevant forms, collecting valuable data and increasing your lead generation potential. If you automate this part, copywriting is a science where you have to iterate a lot to find the right balance between high response rates and being precise enough not to just get curious. In fact, we’ve compiled all our analyses of LinkedIn copywriting for B2B lead generation for you.


LinkedIn is essential for lead generation. By refining your profile, sharing quality content, expanding your network and initiating dialogues with your prospects, this platform becomes a powerful promotional engine for your company, its products and services, leading to the transformation of prospects into loyal customers.

For your LinkedIn lead generation tactics to bear fruit, diligence, relevance and authenticity are essential. This involves the judicious use of best practices and tools to strengthen your online presence, build credibility and maximize your return.

To find out more about your LinkedIn lead gen strategy, or if you’re looking for personalized support, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our MirrorProfiles tool is used by many companies as part of their proven lead generation strategy. In 2024, companies will need to equip their customer acquisition force with several Linkedin accounts in order to achieve their sales objectives. The advantage is that these profiles can be used both by the sales team for outbound acquisition and by the marketing team to deploy their content strategy and, more generally, their inbound marketing strategy.


What is lead generation?

Generating leads involves creating interest in your products or services in order to gather contact information from potential prospects. This serves to create a pipeline of future customers through the use of digital tools such as websites, social networks and e-mail marketing.

How do you generate leads?

To generate leads effectively, a company needs to attract interested prospects and get them to interact with its brand. This is done by offering attractive, relevant content, optimizing the website for conversion, establishing an active presence on social networks and deploying online marketing strategies.

Why lead generation?

Engaging in lead generation enables you to identify qualified prospects, engage in communication with them and, ultimately, turn them into loyal customers. The benefits of this approach include the ability to stand out from competitors, increase sales, build customer loyalty and strengthen your brand’s presence in the marketplace.

How do you generate B2B leads?

In the B2B context, generating leads requires targeted methods to capture the interest of customer companies. This involves the creation of specialized content, website optimization for B2B, strategic use of professional social networks, the application of email marketing and marketing automation, direct prospecting activities and paid search campaigns.

LinkedIn dominates the world of professional social networks, with over 700 million users. This platform is fertile ground and the best strategy for generating leads. This expression encompasses the entire sales process: from target detection to the conversion of contacts into potential customers for your business.

So, what strategies should you adopt for successful lead generation on LinkedIn? What are the levers you can use to refine your profile, develop attractive content, expand your professional network and establish a dialogue with your prospects?

This article will reveal the key strategies and advanced techniques for capturing leads on LinkedIn, while building on the foundations of inbound marketing. You’ll explore the possibilities offered by LinkedIn to promote your company, your offers, and engage your prospects in taking concrete action. Generate leads on Linkedin combines marketing levers with “cold” sales prospecting levers.

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